Interior and exterior coatings

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The millenary tradition of stone finds the artisan manufacture of Kopiedra and gives rise to a reaction: EMOTION.

We are manufacturers of stone and brick claddings of ecological origin.

In the sign of continuity, we renew the production of stone agglomerate made in Spain being the most appreciated in Europe: passion and experience restore shapes and colors to a project born more than 20 years ago in Madrid.

Wide catalogue

  • 40 Models
  • 219 Colors
  • 295 Combinations

Strength and Durability

  • 20 Years of experience
  • 10 +10 million sqm installed trhoughout Europe
  • Certification SGS

Excellent Finishes


  • 6 Layers of colors and shades for each tonality
  • 120 Up to 120 shapes per product

Guarantee mark



  • 100% Made in Spain


A small responsible choice can make a difference.

When we buy a product we have the opportunity to express an important opinion. The purchase gesture, if done responsibly, can have a great influence.

Thanks to its formulation, all KOPIEDRA raw materials are ecological and less intrusive compared to a natural stone quarry.

Our environmental policy helps protect our environment, achieving sustainable development for our future generations.

Our commitment to environmental management and occupational risk prevention are two of the main pillars of our management.

We adopt the necessary measures to eliminate the sources of contamination in our manufacturing process.

We use natural resources efficiently: water, raw materials, energy sources.